3 Best Colors for Baby Nurseries

09 Mar 2023 At 11:06 AM

BY DJ Robinson


According to color psychologists, certain nursery colors can affect babies’ moods and sleep patterns. Color can dramatically change a rooms feel and level of comfort for babies. Ideally you'll want to select colors on the spectrum that are equally calming, restful, and nurturing. We’ve identifired five of the best colors that are wonderful for babies.

1. Subtle Blue can help reduce anxiety and lower your baby's heart rate. It is also a cooling color which is good for helping calmness for sleeping. The following colors are are all great options:

  1. Powder blue

  2. Aqua

  3. Pale turquoise

  4. Duck egg

  5. Periwinkle


2. Soft Greens bring nature into your baby's room. Green is rated as being excellen...