Power washing

Experience – Aftermath Contracting Company is a leading provider of power washing in British Columbia, Canada, Washington & Oregon, USA. We specialize in leaving the exterior of your home, apartment building, and commercial business squeaky. We also do it with the exact precision necessary to ensure that the existing surface of your home or building isn’t damaged. Our expert pressure washers are highly skilled in the use of the exact pressure and cleaning solutions needed for each job in order to remove dirt, mildew, and grime. Aftermath Contracting will make your home shines again.

This cost effective alternative to painting ensures that dirt and cobwebs are removed from underneath your eaves, stucco, windows, siding, doors, garage door, cement floors, block walls, fences, railings, fascia boards, and any other unwanted place that dirt hides. We take dirt removal seriously and no job is ever too small or too large.

In order to keep your homes exterior coating system working in optimal condition Aftermath Contracting recommends having the exterior of your home professionally power washed annually.

3 Reasons To Power Wash Your Home or Commercial Building:

1. Preserves your homes paint job, stucco, wood siding, and roof shingles.

2. Protects the health of your family by removing mildew, algae, black mould, and allergens

3. Adds value to the exterior aesthetics and curb appeal of your home

Flexible – Aftermath Contracting Company offers the flexibility of power washing your business at night or on weekends to ensure your normal business operations aren’t interrupted.

Affordable – Our power washing services are competitively priced and highly affordable. We are also flexible in our ability to customize a high quality power washing solution for your home or business that works with your budget. In addition we offer next day power washing services at no extra cost. Contact your Aftermath Contracting power washing experts today and receive a FREE quote!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Aftermath Contracting guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with our power washing services. That’s because the job is always completed to your specification, on time, on budget, and by licensed industry professionals.