Commercial Restoration Services

Sustaining damage to your commercial building is also damaging for your business because it forces your company to pay for repairs and close during business hours. Severe weather conditions and natural disasters, such as flooding, thunderstorms, and fires, are the most common sources of serious commercial property damage.

Your priority is to ensure the safety of all employees and residents of the building if a serious disaster takes place. Once everyone is out of harm’s way, you can focus on the damage and take preventative measures to avoid further damage. Aftermath Contracting offers commercial disaster restoration services for businesses affected by natural disasters including flooding and Mould damage in British Columbia, Canada, Washington & Oregon, USA.

Our Restoration contractors can improve the indoor air quality inside your building and remove mould and bacteria to ensure a healthier and more productive workplace. Maintaining a healthy workplace environment promotes high productivity and a low turnover rate.

Contact our commercial response team (CRT) as soon as possible after your business or workplace has been affected by a disaster. Delaying the restoration process could cause additional damage to the property and will only prolong the complications that interfere with your business. Our technicians at Aftermath Contracting will perform a quick assessment and begin the restoration process to return your business to its original condition as soon as possible.

We use the best equipment and cleaning products in the industry to handle commercial loss jobs of any size. Be sure to call for restoration services right away to save money on serious repairs and avoid wasting time. Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is the most common form of property damage because it has so many possible sources. Water damage can originate from weather conditions like heavy rain and flooding or internal factors like burst pipes and leaks. If your commercial building sustains serious water damage, contact Aftermath Contracting immediately, especially if your business equipment and products were damaged. Our trained professionals use advanced commercial drying equipment to remove all excess moisture and efficiently handle large scale water damage jobs of any size.