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Water Damage 

Water damage has a variety of causes, such as flooding, heavy rain, plumbing issues, burst pipes, and more. Regardless of the source, water damage needs to be removed right away because if not, it will spread and do additional damage to your property.

Aftermath Contracting provides professional water damage restoration and repair services to homes and businesses in British Columbia, Canada, Washington & Oregon, USA. Our technicians use advanced drying and extraction equipment to remove standing water and excess moisture from your property. 

Problems Caused by Water Damage

Taking immediate action after water damage is important because of how easily it spreads and causes further damage. In cases of flooding, water follows the path with the least resistance and typically ends up on lower floors. The water is then absorbed by porous materials, such as wood,drywall, carpet, and other building materials.


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Sustaining damage to your commercial building is also damaging for your business because it forces your company to pay for repairs and close during business hours. Severe weather conditions and natural disasters, such as flooding, thunderstorms, and fires, are the most common sources of serious commercial property damage.

Your priority is to ensure the safety of all employees and residents of the building if a serious disaster takes place. Once everyone is out of harm’s way, you can focus on the damage and take preventative measures to avoid further damage. Aftermath Contractors offers commercial disaster restoration services for businesses affected by natural disasters including flooding and Mould damage in British Columbia, Canada, Washington & Oregon, USA.

Our Restoration contractors can improve the indoor air quality inside your building and remove mould and bacteria to ensure a healthier and more productive workplace. Maintaining a healthy workplace environment promotes high productivity and a low turnover rate.

More About Restoration

If your property has water damage, DO:

  • Contact Aftermath Contracting for professional water damage restoration services

  • Open doors and closets to create air flow

  • Keep all draperies off the floor

  • Blot and/or mop water

  • Wipe down wet furniture

  • Pack water-damaged books together to avoid warping

  • Put valuable photos,documents, and personal belongings somewhere safe

If your property has water damage, DO NOT:

  • Enter a room with standing water if the electricity is on

  • Use any electronics if property is still wet

  • Clean mould yourself

  • Remove carpeting or other permanent flooring

  • Attempt to vacuum the water