Best Interior Paint Colours

04 Sep 2022 At 11:15 PM

BY Subasathiya Pandiyan

Painting your home is an important decision. With a wide variety of styles and decorative options choosing the right paint colour is no easy task. Here is a list of 5 of the most popular paint colours.

1. Warm White. White with a light trace of gray is timeless. It can brighten up a space a even make a room feel larger.

2. Gary Green. This colour is cool and provides a crisp feel and goes well with a wide range of colours.


3. Warm Beige. With a slightly red undertone warm beige complements dark tones woods such as mahogany and cherry.

4. Gray. This colour is quickly becoming to be known as the "new white". Interior designers love working with this versatile shade.

5. Blue. Cool blue is a colou...