Best Paint to Use In Bathrooms

When painting bathrooms it is important to use the proper paint and primer. The best paint finishes to apply to bathroom walls is semi gloss, satin or glossy with a mildew resistant additive. Humidity and moisture in bathrooms can damage walls and even cause microbial growth. You may want to consider using a primer prior to painting the walls. Here are a few quality primers:

  • KILZ Mold & Mildew Interior | Exterior Primer

  • Zinsser Peel Stop White Triple Thick Interior/Exterior High Build Binding Primer

  • BEHR White Acrylic Interior Kitchen, Bath, and Trim Stain-Blocking Primer and Sealer

It is a good idea to run the bathroom fan when taking showers or running a tub of hot water. Opening a window will also help with reducing humidity. Keeping your bathroom walls dry is important so we recommend wiping up any water which may get on your walls and flooring.

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