Heavy Storms Can Create Water Damage - Learn How to Mitigate Your Risk of Black Mould Growth


Each year depending on your geographical location, heavy storms can cause large amounts of property damage. Homes, business and communities can often be hit hard. If you reside in an area where either heavy rain or snowfall is common you should pay close attention to potential water intrusion.

After large amounts of precipitation water can make its way into a property. Always check for leaks in the ceilings, exterior walls and in lower levels and basements for moisture or sitting water. It is a good idea to check your property's humidity level on a regular basis. A level of 40% or lower is recommended. If you have water intrusion it is critical to dry it as quickly as possible. Set fans and run a dehumidifier if you notice water on the flooring.

Water can cause black mould growth which is damaging and toxic. If you see mould or smell a damp musty odour call a restoration professional immediatley before major damage occurs. Professionals like Aftermath Contracting can rapidly assist with any potential major problem. It is a good idea to check the outside perimeter of your property to ensure the slope of the ground drains away from the foundation. Additionally check your window and door seals to make sure water intrusion is not occuring.

We hope you stay warm, safe and DRY through the winter. Stay tuned for more helpful home tips.

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