Top 5 Most Important Impressions When Selling a Home

06 Sep 2022 At 04:11 PM

BY DJ Robinson


Overall, buyers are looking for a home that looks clean, neat, and well maintained. By addressing exterior issues,
you immediately give your buyers a positive “first impression.” Here are 5 first impression items to examine when selling your home.

➢ Tip #1: Get into your car and drive away from your home. Drive towards your home the way a potential buyer
would. Notice your first impressions of your home? Is the landscaping well groomed? How about the driveway and
curb? Can you easily see the architecture of the home, or is it blocked by trees and bushes. Notice your roof? Is it
in good condition? Make a list of items that need attention.

➢ Tip #2: Paint your front door and mailbox. Po...