Fire & Smoke

Fire & Smoke

Fires can do more than compromise the structural integrity of your building. They interrupt critical systems, like HVAC or electrical, and can release harmful materials like asbestos.

We respond by: mitigating damage to ensure site safety.

Although its fire’s worst enemy, water damage, triggered as a result of fires, is not what most homeowners expect. Whether it is the damage caused by water from fire hoses and extinguishers or that from bursting and leaking faucets and pipes; there is often significant water damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

Water used in fire suppression can create an entirely new set of challenges.

Excessive moisture can rust pipes, rot drywall , create mould, or compromise a building’s structural integrity.

We respond by:
  • Providing drying & dehumidification services

  • Sending in mould restoration specialists

  • Offering content restoration services

  • Reconstruction water-damaged areas

  • Cleaning