How to Clean a Deck With a Pressure Washer


Firstly it is important to get a pressure washer with a fan tip. Pressure washers work great for cleaning wood decks because they can clean wood effectively and relatively quickly. Be sure you use a pressure washer with a fan tip to prevent the washer from spraying too harshly upon the wood surface.

Next use a cleaning solution. There are a variety of quality wood or a deck cleaners that remove grime, dirt and even moss build up. Read the instructions on your product label. Most products typically require you to mix one part cleaner with one part water. Once mixed pour the cleaning solution into the pressure washer's soap dispenser.

  • One natural option is to mix 1 cup white distilled vinegar...


Spring Maintenance Tips


Spring is here and it's a good time to perform maintenance around your home and yard. Here a few suggestions from Aftermath Contracting

  • Test your home's smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors to be sure they are properly functioning. Holding down the button can test the siren sound on your smoke detector.

  • Start cleaning up your yard, flower beds and mulch. Typically debris builds up in your yard over the winter so a clean up will help improve your curb appeal.

  • Locate and remove early signs of bird nests and wasp hives.

  • Inspect your basement, crawl space or attic for possible leaks or water damage. If a leak is located hiring a general contractor such as A...


The 5 Best Home Improvements to Increase Your Home Value


If you're thinking about selling your home here are 5 Home Improvements you should consider to get maximum dollar.

1. Remodel your kitchen. Hands down this can help really boost your value. It has been reported that doing a $75,000 kitchen remodel can add up to $140,000 in home value. Not bad.... We recommend hiring a general contractor like Aftermath Contracting to help.

2. Get new appliances. If you have 10 year or older appliances you should consider upgrading. Appliance technologies change rapidly so if you want to WOW buyers consider getting new ones.

3. Remodel your bathroom. Buyers like new, fresh looking bathrooms. So consider getting a new vani...


6 Best Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is around the corner and Aftermath Contracting has a list of 6 Best Spring Cleaning Tips to help you welcome the new season. You'll probably have many projects to work on around the home, these 6 suggestions will help you organize the process.

1. Clean your gutters and roof. Many homes have collect an excess of debris on the roof and gutter systems. We recommend hiring a roof cleaning company to remove this debris to prevent damage potential leaks. Aftermath Contracting can help you will all your roof and gutter needs.

2. De-clutter your home. It has been proven that a disorganized increase your stress level. Life is stressful enough and your home should not add to this stress. Dust ca...